Paving on Business Route US 4 from West Rutland ETEMM 0 to Rutland ETEMM 2.429.

Project Location: This project begins at the US-4 and BUS-4 intersection in West Rutland (MM 0.000) and heads east along BUS-4 to the Class 1 Town Highway limit in front of the Rutland Town Clerk's Office (MM 0.997). The total project length is 3.094 miles.

Work to be Performed: The existing roadway will be milled full width to a depth of 2". After milling operations take place, a 1/2" lift of leveling course will be placed, followed by a 1-1/2" lift of wearing course.

Futher work will include the repair of guardrail along the corridor, as well as any height adjustments necessary to bring the guardrail back within specification. Line striping will take place after the final pavement layer is placed. New line striping will include the addition of buffered bike lanes where feasible, and may include designated bike lane stenciling. Some additional signage is anticipated as required for the new bike lanes. The final pavement markings will be largely reflective of the existing conditions with two lanes in either direction and varying shoulder widths.

This project is forecasted to be advertised as a composite with the West Rutland STPG SGNL(50) project, which will upgrade the existing signal at the BUS-4 and VT-4A intersection. As part of this composit project, the "jug handle" will be removed, and a new west bound left turn lane will be striped. To encorporate this change, there will be some lane reassignment that will be limited to the new intersection configuration. The new signal system will have up-to-date equipment, which will include a new signal cabinet and controller, new mast arms and signal heads, and new vehicle detection.

Lastly, this project will upgrade the surface at the rail crossing in West Rutland. New concrete crossing panels will be placed, and any ancillary work will be performed to upgrade the surface. Signs, line striping, and rail signal heads will also be upgraded to meet standards set forth in the MUTCD.

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