STP PC19(6)

Class 1 paving in West Rutland on VT 133 from MM 0.710 to MM 1.722 and on VT 4A from MM 1.782 to MM 2.657.

Project Location: The project begins at the intersection of VT-133 (Clarendon Ave) and Skyline Drive and extends northerly along VT-133 (Clarendon Ave) to its intersection with VT-4A (Main Street). The project also begins west of the intersection of VT-4A (Main Street) and Barnes Street at the Class 1 Town Highway limit and extends easterly along VT-4A (Main Street) to its intersection with BUS-4.

Project Description: Work will consist of coarse milling the existing pavement to a 2” depth, then placing a 1/2” lift of Type IVS pavement to level the road surface, followed by a 1-1/2” lift of Type IVS pavement as the final wearing surface. Sidewalk ramps and pedestrian crossing infrastructure will be replaced and upgraded to meet current ADA standards as necessary. Some bicycle features may be added where applicable and feasible. Signs will also be replaced and upgraded as necessary to meet current specifications in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Finally, shoulder berms that have built up will be removed to facilitate better drainage from the road surface, and some ditching work may be performed to further aid in drainage.

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Natalie Boyle
(802) 855-3893

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