STP PS19(10) Londonderry

Reclamation of VT 11 starting in Londonderry at MM 1.952 and continuing to Chester MM 4.373.

Project Location: The project begins at the intersection of VT-11 and VT-100 in the Town of Londonderry and extends easterly for 14.006 miles along VT-11 to the intersection of VT-11 and Lovers Lane in Chester.

Project Description: Work will consist of milling the existing pavement to a specified depth to maintain final grade, then Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) a 4” depth of the remaining pavement structure. Upon completion of the CIPR, a new, engineered pavement structure will be placed over the recycled surface. Though minor due to the restrictions of the treatment capabilities, there will be some areas of cross-sectional correction where safety concerns have been identified. In addition to the CIPR process, some minor widening will be performed to achieve consistent shoulder widths throughout. To better support the roadway infrastructure, some cross culverts will be replaced, and additional underdrain will be installed.

The project will replace and repair guardrail along the route to maintain compliance with current standards. Additionally, signs will be replaced that have come to the end of their serviceable life.

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**Please note: Contractors are to direct all inquiries to Contract Administration during project advertisement.

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Natalie Boyle
(802) 855-3893

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