BF 0132(14) Andover

Replace Bridge No. 9 on FAS-0132 in Andover over the Trout Brook.

Project Location: Town of Andover in Windsor County on Weston-Andover Road (FAS Route 132/Town Highway 1) over Trout Brook. The bridge is located approximately 3.8 miles north of the junction with VT Route 11. 

The Andover Bridge 9 project includes the replacement of the existing single span rolled beam bridge. The existing structure has a span of 82-feet and a width of 26-feet. The structure currently has a deck rating of 4 (poor), a superstructure rating of 6 (satisfactory), and a substructure rating of 5 (fair). This bridge was constructed in 1938 and is 84-feet in length. The deck is at risk for full depth hole formation and a critical maintenance request has been sent to the Town of Andover.

VTrans evaluated alternatives for rehabilitation or replacement of the bridge in an engineering study completed in September, 2018. This study assessed the proposed design criteria for the structure, right-of-way, rare/threatened/endangered species impacts, hydraulics, and resource impacts. Several alternatives were considered, including: no action, deck replacement, superstructure replacement, and full bridge replacement. Maintenance of traffic options considered included an offsite detour or a temporary bridge.

Given the age of the structure, site constraints and current conditions, the engineering study recommended a full bridge replacement with traffic maintained on an offsite detour. The proposed typical section will be two 10-foot travel lanes with 3-foot shoulders matching the corridor, for a total width of 26-feet. This exceeds the minimum standard of 22-feet as set forth by the Vermont State Standards.

Traffic will be maintained on an offsite detour for 74 days.  The Town of Andover will be responsible for choosing and signing the prefered route.  Some possible detour routes which the Town of Andover may want to choose are as follows:

1. Andover Road, to Middletown Road (unpaved), VT Route 11, and Hill Top Road (weight restricted), back to Andover Road (6.4 mi end-to-end)

2. Andover Road, to East Hill Road (unpaved), and North Hill Road (unpaved), back to Andover Road (8.9 mi end-to-end)

3. Andover Road, to Chester Mountain Road, VT Route 100, and VT Route 11, back to Andover Road (23.4 mi end-to-end) – Paved Route

Below is the shortest distance detour route available:

Link to project sharepoint site:


  • Maj-0132 will be closed at Bridge BR#9 over TROUT BROOK for 74 days between August 22, 2022 and November 4, 2022.

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