BF 025-1(46) Chester

Replace deck and rails on Bridge No. 16 on VT-103 in Chester over Williams River.

Project Location: Town of Chester in Windsor County on VT route 103 over the Williams River. The bridge is located approximately 1.7 miles north of the intersection of VT route 103 and VT route 10. 

The Chester VT 103 Bridge 16 project will replace the deck of the existing bridge, which is in poor condition, with a new deck. The existing bridge is a three span, two lane structure which was constructed in 1962. The bridge is 162-feet in length. The existing bridge superstructure (beams) is composed of rolled steel beams, and the deck is concrete. The deck is in poor condition with areas of significant concrete spalling and exposed rebar on the underside of the deck. Additionally, the existing bridge has a substandard rail to rail width (30'), and the existing bridge railing is not structurally adequate for modern design standards. The existing superstructure (beams) is in good conditions, and the existing substructure components (abutments and piers) are in satisfactory condition.

VTrans has evaluated various alternatives for the replacement of Chester VT route 103 Bridge 16. The criteria assessed for the proposed design included the roadway alignment, right of way impacts, wetland and archaeological resources, aesthetic requirements, bridge railing, and hydraulics.. Several alternatives were considered including no action, deck replacement, superstructure replacement, and full bridge replacement. Given the poor condition of both the deck, and the satisfactory superstructure and substructure components, it was recommended that a deck replacement be undertaken.

The existing deck will be removed, minor repairs to the piers, beams, and bearings undertaken, and then a new deck poured. The new deck will be widened to approximately 34-feet. The new bridge railing will feature galvanized steel tubing / concrete combination guardrail meeting state standards.

Traffic During Construction: A two-way temporary bridge will be constructed downstream of the existing bridge and speed reductions  will be in effect. Link to project sharepoint site:

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