BF 0283(42) Enosburg

Replacement of existing BR24 (short) on VT118, along with related approach roadway and channel work

Project Location: Town of Enosburg in Franklin County on VT Route 118 over unnamed brook. The bridge is located approximately 1.8 miles south of the junction with VT Route 105.

The Enosburg VT Route 118 Bridge 24 project will replace the existing bridge, which is considered structurally deficient, with a new bridge that meets current design standards.  The existing bridge is a single span concrete slab bridge constructed in 1921.  The existing bridge is 20-feet long and 34-feet wide.  The bridge deck, superstructure, and substructure components are all in serious condition.

VTrans evaluated alternatives for replacement of Enosburg VT Route 118 Bridge 24 in an engineering study completed in March 2019.  The study assessed the proposed design criteria for the bridge and roadway alignment, Right-of-Way impacts, hydraulics, aquatic organism passage (AOP), and archaeological resources. Several alternatives were considered including full replacement with a precast reinforced concrete box, full replacement with a precast reinforced frame, and full replacement with an integral abutment bridge. Given the age of the structure and existing structural deficiencies, the engineering study recommended full bridge replacement with a new integral abument slab bridge with traffic maintained on a temporary roadway during construction. 

The new structure will be a cast-in-place slab bridge on integral abutments. Based on hydraulics requirements, a trapezoidal waterway opening should have a 16-foot-wide channel bottom and a minimum 75 sq. ft. of waterway area. Based on the layout procedures for integral abutments, with 1V:1.5H slopes in front of the abutments, the appropriate span for this location is 30 feet.

It is anticipated that the bridge will be constructed during the summer of 2021.

Traffic will be maintained through the project site during construction.

Project Location Map

Link to project website: https://outside.vermont.gov/agency/vtrans/external/Projects/Structures/12C584  

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