IM 089-3(83) Milton

Paving on I89 from Milton MM 102.0 to St. Albans Town MM 113.4 both NB and SB.

Project Location: This project begins at MM 102.00 on the northbound and southbound barrels in Milton on I-89 and extends northerly along I-89 ending at MM 113.4 on the northbound and southbound barrels in St Albans Town. The project will include the associated exit ramps, resulting in a total project length of 22.800 miles.

Project Description: Work will include milling to a depth of 2", surface preparation, then paving with a 1/2” layer of leveling course and a 1-1/2” wearing course within the existing paved footprint. Additionally, some guardrail work will be performed to repair and replace damaged sections to bring full runs into compliance with the current standards. Finally, shoulder berms that have built up will be removed to facilitate better drainage from the road surface.

Contact Information

**Please note: Contractors are to direct all inquiries to Contract Administration during project advertisement.

Public Information Consultant
Stephanie Barrett
(802) 399-7847

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