NH CULV(122) Sunderland

Project is for bridge #19-7 on US 7 in Sunderland.

Bridge 19-5 will be bundled with the Bridge 19-7 projects for design and construction.

SUNDERLAND BM20102 20B155 - Bridge 19-5

SUNDERLAND NH CULV(122) 23B027 - Bridge 19-7

The existing 120 foot long, 7-foot-wide Corrugated Galvanized Metal Plate Pipe (CGMPP) is in satisfactory condition; however, the invert is in 5 - Fair condition. The Structure has good structural form at this time however has heavy rust scaling, pitting and large perforations scattered along the barrel invert haunches throughout the structure.  This bridge was constructed in 1979.

Given the age of the structure and current condition, the engineering study recommended a full replacement with a precast concrete box culvert.

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This project proposes a short-term bridge closure period to replace the existing culvert with a new precast concrete box while maintaining traffic on an offsite detour.

Bridge closure duration and detour routes to be determined. VTrans will work with the Towns of Sunderland, Shaftsbury, Manchester, and Arlington to determine the best timing of the closure. Continuous traffic counters along US Route 7 show that traffic volumes along the corridor are the lowest in April and May and are the highest in August and October.

The bridge closure should occur when traffic is at its lowest and avoid any possible community events
that would have an impact on traffic.

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