NH 2971(1) Wilmington

Resurfacing along VT 9 from Wilmington MM 7.077 to Brattleboro MM 4.178.

Project Location: The project begins just west of the VT-9 and Sun and Ski Road intersection in Wilmington and extends easterly along VT-9 to its intersection with Edward Heights at the Class 1 Town Highway limit in Brattleboro. The total project length is 12.565 miles.

Project Description: Work will consist of milling the existing surface to a specified depth, then the first pass reclaim process will occur, pulverizing and homogenizing the remaining pavement with underlying subgrade. New gravel will be placed in some areas along the corridor to improve banking, then a second pass reclaim process will take place which will facilitate a second round of homogenizing of the gravel and pavement as well as add in a stabilizing agent to create a structural layer of subgrade. Following the second pass reclaim, a structural thickness of pavement will be placed.

Additional work will include the replacement and maintenance of existing guardrail runs, some culvert replacements, ditching and center line rumble strip (CLRS) installations where criteria have been met. Finally, signs along the corridor will be replaced and upgraded to meet current standards set in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

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**Please note: Contractors are to direct all inquiries to Contract Administration during project advertisement.

Public Information Consultant
Delia Makhetha
(603) 263-8881

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