IM 089-1(63) Royalton


Project Location: Town of Royalton in Windsor County on I-89 near exit 3.   Bridges 26 (North and South) begin at approximately mile marker 21.95. These Interstate bridges cover approximately 200 linear feet of VT Route 107, which passes below at mile marker 1.85.

This bridge maintenance project addresses structural deficiencies and deterioration in the existing deck, superstructure, and substructure.  The deck will be completely replaced, as will the expansion joints.  The existing substandard bridge and approach rails will be replaced with newer designs meeting current standards.  The repairs needed to the substructures include patching deteriorating surfaces, crack repair, and repair of some beam seats. Bearings will be cleaning and some replaced.

VTrans evaluated alternatives for rehabilitation or replacement of these bridges in an engineering study.  The study assessed the proposed design criteria for the roadway, including any rare/threatened/endangered species impacts, archaeological resources, and wetland resources.  Several alternatives were considered for each bridge, including no action, deck repairs, deck replacement, superstructure replacement, and complete replacement.

The 2016 engineering study recommended rehabilitation of the major elements of the bridges, including the deck, steel girders, joints, bearings, and substructures. However, a more recent re-evaluation concluded that the deck and rails should also be replaced at this time. The scope of the replacement of some bearings will be determined in final design.The steel on the bridges will be stripped and re-coated as part of the project.

Construction work will be done in phases to accommodate ramp traffic, with crossovers being built for maintaining traffic. The construction work is complicated by the height of the piers (approx. 65 ft), the significant length (approx. 920 feet) of the bridges and their spanning over VT Route 107, the NECR Railroad, and the White River.

Periodic lane closures on VT Route 107 (below the bridges) are also required in order to access the bottoms of the bridge beams that need repair.  This project is expected to add approximately 40 years of service life to these bridges.

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