NH SURF(81) Bennington

Resurfacing of VT279 from Town MM 0.000 to Town MM 6.054, including approaches

Project Location: Beginning on VT-279 at the New York/Vermont State border and extending easterly along VT-279 to its intersection with VT-9 in Bennington.

Project Description: This project is considered a “preventative maintenance” activity and will be constructed in an effort to keep the condition of the roadway in generally good shape. Work will include fine milling to a depth of 3/4", surface preparation, then paving with a 3/4” layer of bonded wearing course. Additionally, some guardrail work will be performed to repair and replaced damaged sections to bring full runs into compliance with the current standards. Finally, shoulder berms that have built up will be removed to facilitate better drainage from the road surface.

The corridor will be evaluated for the installation of Centerline Rumble Strips (CLRS). CLRS will be installed where the speed limit is 45 MPH or greater, the pavement width is 14 feet in both directions, and the traffic volume exceeds 1500 vehicles per day. The CLRS will be stopped at Town Highway intersections, and anywhere that a residence falls within 100 feet of centerline. In these cases, the CLRS will be stopped and resumed 100 feet from either corner of the residence.

Note that this project will be part of a composite contract with the Pownal-Bennington NH SURF(72) project and the Bennington NH SURF(82) project.

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